This video provides an overview of the Expeditionary Learning model as a whole. It will explain how and why schools partner with this national school reform movement and network of schools. This organization is dedicated to creating great expectations for students and we, at SAEL, are determined to do the same. Curriculum, instruction, and school culture are organized around producing high-quality student work through semester-long, standards-based, interdisciplinary Expeditions. Rigorous teaching and learning practices are create high expectations for student achievement.

At SAEL we believe in creating a culture of excellence and achievement. We know this comes from creating clear targets and supporting students to reach these targets. Using mastery-based grading at SAEL, we will implement similar teaching and learning strategies as seen in this video with veteran teacher Susan McCray. In this video, 11th grade English Language Arts teacher Susan McCray from Casco Bay High School in Portland, ME, supports all students in reaching writing standards through descriptive feedback. Casco Bay is an EL Mentor School that was founded in 2005. 

Students at SAEL will use learning targets that are standards-based and carefully crafted by the teachers. Students will receive mastery-based grades on the learning targets in order to ensure the goals of learning and assessment are clear. In this video, 7th and 8th grade students in Jeanne Boland's class at the Odyssey School in Denver, CO, discuss the power of "unpacking" learning targets to that they can articulate a clear vision of the intended learning criteria for success. The Odyssey School is one of the oldest and most successful Expeditionary Learning mentor schools in our national network.

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